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About Dave Wicks - Industrial Photographer


Dave Wicks is our lead industrial photographer 30 years experience in and around commercial photography, art direction, design and creative direction.

Dave's photographic work has been seen in a wide range of applications including multi-page reports, magazines, advertising, general print and packaging projects nationally and around the world.

With a passion for industrial, construction and mining photography Dave is seen regularly on mining and energy sites, construction environments and around heavy machinery, this is where he shines and feels most at home.

With an understanding of the procedures and requirements of the mining and energy sectors, Dave integrates quickly and moves around projects with minimal or no interruption to production processes. Safety is always top of mind and all PPE required is included in our standard kit when working on sites. Dave is also a qualified First Aid officer.

Manipulating light is an on-going fascination for Dave and is a driving force in his night and low light imagery. Utilising a variety of light painting techniques developed over the last 16 years, Dave blends a combination of surreal ilustrative styles with long exposure shots to create stunning images such as those in the Fort Lytton examples (Night and Low light section).

Dave and the crew who work in the dmw photography studio are constantly looking forward to the next challenge whether it's in a coal pit, underground , in a helicopter, construction site or in a boardroom.

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  on location - behind the lens

Shooting out of a chopper over a coal mine in far north Queensland.
Main gun emplacement - night shoot
setting up for underground shot
framing up exterior shot of magazine
Observation passage setup
Setting up to shoot magazine store