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On occassion we focus on an image from the portfolio and expand on the story behind that photograph. When, where, how and why.

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64 pound RML Gun - Fort Lytton, Queensland

This 64 pound RML (Rifled Muzzle Loading) Gun resides in gun pit 5 of Fort Lytton on the mouth of the Brisbane river in Queensland Australia.

For around 60 years Fort Lytton guarded the Brisbane River from ocean attack. Construction of the fort commenced in 1880 to protect the fledgling city. The Fort design and layout is typical nineteenth century, with concrete re-enforced bunkers hidden beneath grassy embankments protected by a deep moat.

The original design and layout of the fort included four gun pits. Then in the 1890's the fort defences were expanded to include two more pits, pit 5 and 6.

Gun pits 5 and 6 were constructed in 1892 to house original 64 pound guns which were moved from positions 3 and 4 when the Hotchkiss guns were placed into those positions.

This image was shot at approximately 9pm at night on a clear full moon. The exposure was long and the image carefully painted with light and coloured gels. A hand held flash was used for fill.


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